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I'm Allyson Banner and I have worked in the Houston area as a professional writer for about 10 years. I've written for hundreds of businesses in aviation, construction, medical, weddings and events, lifestyle, health and wellness industries, and more!   

Writing is often one of the most time-consuming aspects of your business. From the small business owner, entrepreneur, marketing director, CEO, and everything in between, many of my previous clients simply don't have the time and resources available to write their own content.

Even if you hate writing, hiring a professional copywriter impacts everything from your social media engagement, bounce rate, SEO ranking, and so much more. 

If you're interested in hiring a copywriter for your business, I would love to be a part of your company's growing success.

So, what can I do as a copywriter to help your business thrive? Let's chat!

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Make Your Home Office Magazine-approved

Before you begin flipping your kitchen, make sure you have cleaned out any unwanted or expired food. It would be pointless to rearrange your kitchen area with the food you no longer need or want. It’s best to start fresh and organize only what you need! The Organized One Whether you are just setting up or starting anew, you can try to incorporate some of these things to make your workspace work best for you. Matching set of file cabinets: Create additional storage for all of your work needs by investing in a set of file cabinets to help fill out your home office. By placing one on each side of your desk, you’ll get a fashionable look with easy access to all of your folders.

Polyester Printing

Do you know how to properly print on items like jerseys, polyester shirts, and other athletic wear? Polyester printing can be one of the more challenging printing techniques to master because of the amount of heat needed to create your design. Heat must be calculated carefully to ensure that the material doesn’t experience issues like dye migration and shrinkage. Here on our blog, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of polyester printing, as well as potential problems and how to avoid them.


As all of us at Karat 22 Jewelers celebrate over 35 years of business in Houston, it’s a wonderful time to look back on Karat 22 Jewelers’ history and share some of our greatest achievements and challenges. Located in the Mahatma Gandhi District since 1983, Karat 22 Jewelers has been an integral part of Houston culture. Inside Karat 22 Jewelers, you are sure to find the roots of our own rich culture reflected in the architecture, décor, and selection of fine jewelry.

What to Wear to a Diwali Party

After waiting all year long, Diwali is finally here! Diwali is the perfect time to come together and celebrate the festival of lights with friends and family. Along with the parties, ceremonies, and gifts, Diwali dress is also a key element to making the festive season feel just right. You may find yourself asking, “Do I know what to wear to a Diwali party?” To honor the celebration of a rich Indian culture, it is highly recommended to embrace the holiday and dress traditionally from head-to-toe with a few accent pieces.

Is Kickboxing A Good Workout For Weight Loss?

If you’re someone who’s looking to shed some extra weight but can’t stand the thought of running, kickboxing just might be the workout for you. There are a ton of great benefits to taking a kickboxing class and yes, it can help you shed some extra pounds, too! Keep reading to find out why kickboxing is a good workout for weight loss. The bottom line is you can burn a lot of calories in a shorter amount of time if you decide to put in the effort during a kickboxing class. In fact, you can burn a lot of calories in a shorter amount of time if you decide to put in the effort during a kickboxing class.

The Importance of Electric Hospital Bed Repairs

According to a survey performed in 2013 by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the average amount of patients seen by a doctor in an office, hospital, nursing home, or house call visit is nineteen patients. Nineteen patients daily per doctor is quite a bit for any kind of medical facility, which means electric hospital bed repairs can be difficult to maintain. But with the proper tools and biomedical staff, common issues such as these can be resolved in a timely manner.

Real Estate Slang Phrases and Terminology | Shawn Mandersceid Team

The world of real estate is confusing for a number of reasons. While real estate agents deal with the process of buying and selling a home every day, the average person can get lost in all of the words and terminology that’s being tossed around. Stay in the loop with this simple guide on real estate slang phrases and terminology. Buyer’s Market: A Buyer’s Market is going to be ideal for someone who is looking to buy a house.

Houston's Millennial Revolution — New Shops, Restaurants and Fitness Meccas Opened by Generation We

It’s true, many department stores and franchise restaurant chains have gone by the wayside. But where one door closes, the millennial market has come to not only open a new one but also slap a fresh coat of paint on it. Millennials are changing the way Houston shops, exercises and eats, both introducing new concepts and bringing back old favorites with a new twist. Let’s look at this new wave a little closer. These are some of the more intriguing millennial-powered businesses in Houston. No on
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